Network and partnership

Adhesive Advice acts as an agent between your company and the best supplier of industrial adhesives. We provide a network and a partnership that will help you find the most cost-effective and high quality application for your gluing needs. We also work together with well-known manufacturers of materials and machinery.

Wide selection of industrial adhesives

Our partners have a wide selection of innovative, well-functioning industrial adhesives. We will provide you with an initial assessment of a suitable adhesive for your needs utilizing our partners' laboratories, followed by a trial run, which we will monitor. If and when needed we will tailor the adhesive to your needs.

Environmentally friendly and safe products

Our partners strive to avoid substances hazardous to health and the environment in their adhesives and factories. Because of this, our partners' adhesives are environmentally friendly and safe to use.

Support and problem solving

Adhesive Advice will visit you on a regular basis to ensure that our partners' adhesives are developed to meet the challenges of a changing operating environment or changing gluing needs, ensuring your continued success in the market.